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mplutodh1 11-01-2009 03:17 AM

Kegging Batch but not on tap right away - store at room temp?
So I've searched and read several posts but not directly to my question so here it is:

If I were to rack a batch of brew into a corny after fermentation (no co2 yet) what's my best bet for keeping a batch in the keg at room temp without having it go bad?

Purge the keg by pulling the release, hooking up the CO2 and purging the "air" and replacing with CO2?

That wouldn't get the batch to absorb the CO2 - does that matter? Should it be on CO2 longer?

Can it be stored at room temp? Essentially making it a giant bottle of beer... which does fine at room temp for several months.

Hammy71 11-01-2009 09:44 AM

I store my kegs at room temp....always. After you fill the keg you must seal the lid by hitting the keg with about 30 psi. Then purge the airspace with CO2. (Hitting with the gas and pulling the relief valve.....repeat 3 times...). After that, it's the same as your beer sitting in a secondary..... It will continue to condition/age. If you don't have any CO2 yet....better leave it in the primary (or secondary) til you do....

david_42 11-01-2009 01:15 PM

If you don't have CO2 yet, your best bet is to add priming sugar and set the lid as best you can. Burp it, if it has a relief valve, the next day. If you don't get any gas release, it means the lid isn't seated. This isn't a problem, as the CO2 is just leaking out as it is created. The important thing is it has displaced the air. In this case, you'll have to force carbonate when you get the CO2 rig.

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