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msu09 10-02-2012 01:54 AM

Kegerator Gift
Hello all!

I was planning on making myself a kegerator from my Sanyo mini fridge, but was just given a new kegerator for a wedding gift! The problem is that this kegerator only has a single tap tower. In the end I'd like to be able to tap into both my corny kegs at once. I've never had (or used) a kegerator before and apparently the "normal" size towers are 3.0" or 3.5". The one that I have is only 2.5" in diameter. Do any of you know if it would be possible to drill into the current tower or should I just go with something like this? Would that even fit? If I do drill, do you think that this might fit?

This is the kegerator I received: http://www.nostalgiaelectrics.com/default.asp?c=8&p=350

TrainSafe 10-02-2012 02:04 AM

It might be possible to drill your current tower. If so, you'd need to put the second faucet lower than the first one. They won't fit at the same level.

The two faucet tower you linked to will fit fine. You may need to drill the small holes for screwing it down to the fridge, as they'll be slightly different. Not a big deal at all. I'd say installing that tower on your kegerator is a 15 minute job.

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