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bryanbibler 10-21-2011 04:46 AM

keg equipment question
I have a ball lock stuck irreparably on the out line of my korny keg. I mean really, really stuck. Not coming off. Is it possible to unscrew the valve going into the keg and find a replacement for it (and, of course, buy a new ball lock)? If so, does anyone know a website where I can look for it?

benbradford 10-21-2011 05:05 AM

brewing websites will sell a replacement, and it shoud just screw off...

a company i like with good prices is chicompany.net

SBC 10-21-2011 04:10 PM

You put the gas disconnect on the liquid or vise versa. Take a set of water pump plyers or a large adjustable wrench and open the jaws wide enough to get under the connector. Use the handle on the keg as a fulcrum and push down on the handle. Some times the connector will break but that usually only happens when they are really old. Hope this works! I try to always put green post gaskets on the gas side and blue/black on the beer side. That is one nice thing about pin locks, you can't mix them up because of the pin configuration.

beaksnbeer 10-23-2011 12:23 AM

Disassemble the disconnect will make it easier, the top of the QD will screw off (MAKE SURE TO VENT FIRST) then lift up thr lock ring and rock it back and forth. May need to pry up with screwdriver.

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