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KUbrew 03-22-2009 02:02 PM

Keezer Build
I thought I would post my keezer build since I went with a tower instead of a collar, which, from what I can tell, is in the minority on HBT. After much debate I decided to go with the tower, mainly because I love the look of the tower and space isn't an issue so I can open up my lid without hitting the wall with my tap handles.

Here's my CL freezer (already with the lid taken apart), a kenmore that will hold 6 kegs, a 20# tank and still have room for bottled beer and pint glasses.

I needed to reinforce the lid with some 1/2" wood in order for it to be sturdy enough to mount the tower onto.

I used gorilla glue to attach the wood and let it cure overnight. (The wife loved me using her mixer to hold the wood down!)

I used leftover wood to attach 3- 5"X8" pieces to where the towers will be mounted for a little extra support.

KUbrew 03-22-2009 02:05 PM

Here's the lid with the wiring reattached and the insulation back in.

I don't have a hole driller so I decided to try my 1.5" wood drill bit and see if it would make it through the sheet metal on the lid. After going through 2 batteries on the drill it finally made it through!

And here's the finished product. The wife is working on some custom handles so hopefully I'll have the cheap ones gone in the next few days. I only have the capacity for 2 kegs right now but as time and money allows I'll be able to expand and put a two tap tower on each side in order to have 6 taps total.

Here's the inside, doesn't look like it from this pic, but it will hold 6 kegs and a 20# co2 tank.

defenestrate 03-22-2009 07:35 PM

very nice, i'll have my pics up soon i hope!

KUbrew 03-22-2009 09:39 PM

let me know when you get it finished.

Malric 03-23-2010 08:29 PM

How are the hinges holding up with the extra weight? I'm thinking about trying this route, except they filled my lid with the foam insulation :(

inspector13 03-24-2010 02:21 AM

What size is your freezer?

kegtoe 04-06-2010 03:19 AM

malric, hinges will hold a lot wegiht - look at jesters keezer. Also you can check mine out - it has a lot of weight more that the hinges can hold in the upright but wiht the right support it should be fine. I spent 60 buck on 2 identical hinges to the 2 that were on my keezer but haven't found a need ot install them.

KUbrew 04-06-2010 03:51 AM

Sorry, didn't see the posts until today. It's holding great with all the weight, those hinges are tough! I've now got 3 towers on it and 6 kegs full, much better than just 2 kegs. The next project is a nice drip tray, but it's hard to find something long enough to accommodate all 6 taps.


KUbrew 04-06-2010 03:53 AM


Originally Posted by inspector13 (Post 1963367)
What size is your freezer?

Not sure the exact size, I got it off CL. It's just big enough to fit 6 kegs and a 20lb tank.

kegtoe 04-07-2010 01:09 AM

pretty pricy option: http://www.micromatic.com/draft-keg-beer/drip-trays-cid-903.html
more reasonable on price, but not sure of the vender: http://www.kegworks.com/draft-beer-equipment-drip-drain-trays-409
pretty reliable source: http://www.austinhomebrew.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=drip+tray

Typicaly i buy my stuff from N Brewer or Midwest supplies but they don't have a huge selection and are often sold out of drip trays. good luck.

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