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chgambler99 10-08-2012 03:37 PM

Inside or Outside the Keezer
Im getting ready to build my Keezer and was wondering if it is better to have my CO2 stored inside the keezer or put a line from outside to inside? I wasnt sure if the gas temp would have any effect or not and have seen both ways in the "Show me your keezer" thread.

bduane 10-08-2012 03:45 PM

I've heard outside is better if you can, and that you get more out of your Co2 tanks this way, but I don't know the science behind it.

SweetSounds 10-08-2012 04:08 PM

It makes no difference - Do what works best with your design.

Inside or out has absolutely no impact on the quantity of Co2 - Inside (Colder) will lower the pressure in your Co2 tank - To about 400 pounds, but has no impact on the volume of gas in the tank.

I keep mine inside because I have the room. But outside works just as well.

MuddyCreek 10-08-2012 04:20 PM

I've tried both and prefer mine outside. Leaves more room for beer.

beaksnbeer 10-09-2012 09:43 PM

I keep mine outside like the fact that I can see/adjust gas without opening cold space. Plus my gauges no longer rust.

day_trippr 10-10-2012 05:54 AM

^ That


allenH 10-10-2012 11:09 AM

I had mine in the inside for the first couple of months (on an upright though). It was a pain to adjust the pressure for sealing kegs, always having to move kegs around, you probably wouldn't have that problem with a keezer though. I have also read that it is better for the regulator to be out of the humidity.

Billybrewer09 10-10-2012 11:22 AM

I had mine inside for a while and it worked just fine, but you can not trust the regulator readings. They always showed that my tank was almost empty.
I moved it outside, and now i know at a glance how much gas i have without worry.
Either way is fine though.

zachattack 10-10-2012 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by Billybrewer09 (Post 4485710)
I moved it outside, and now i know at a glance how much gas i have without worry.

Nope. The regulator is still only reading the vapor pressure of the liquid CO2 inside the tank, it's just that the vapor pressure is higher at room temperature. Unless you're out of liquid in the tank, the gauge will never show you how much you have left.

Spartan1979 10-10-2012 06:04 PM

I keep mine outside. That way I have room for another keg. I figure it's better for the regulator also.

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