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wreckinball9 10-27-2008 03:23 PM

IKEA swing top bottles
About six months ago i picked up a few 32 oz clear swing top bottles at IKEA for $2 a piece! i would have picked up more but i wasnt sure they would be able to withstand carb pressure.

well the bottles have worked out tremendously. i went back to get a bunch more yesterday and i didnt see them anywhere! :mad:

has anyone else bought these at an IKEA recently? if you see them, buy them. they are a steal at $2 a whack.

juvinious 10-27-2008 03:33 PM

The new IKEA around here ran out and haven't seemed to restock them. Those things have been on back order since forever and still see no signs of getting them in. I was told a month ago that it would be months before they would get more. However it seems like it's the case with everything they carry, there is a severe lack of merchandise that I used to get at the IKEA in Hong Kong (when I lived there) that I can't find here.

IrregularPulse 10-27-2008 05:01 PM

I've not been able to ever find them at the one closest to me in Cincinnati. They do have stocking issues though. We found a couch we really liked when the store first opened. Appearently everyone else in Cincy liked it to. It took months to finally get it. Then we went back a couple weeks ago and our couch had been marked up 200 dollars! Glad we got it when we did.

Danek 10-27-2008 05:33 PM

Another big thumbs up to the IKEA bottles. Bottle up some good beer and stick a label on them and they make great presents.

DrinksWellWithOthers 10-27-2008 06:00 PM

A quick search on their website didn't turn up any results for any of these bottles.

thataintchicken 10-27-2008 06:37 PM

I always thought that IKEA meant 'Out Of Stock'. ;)

Chello 10-27-2008 06:41 PM

Are these bottle designed to hold pressure? If not then it would be a bad idea to use them to store a pressurized liquid.

juvinious 10-27-2008 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by DrinksWellWithOthers (Post 919930)
A quick search on their website didn't turn up any results for any of these bottles.

They are called SLOM and apparently the website no longer has them. A lookup of it gives a mason jar with a fliptop, well that blows.

idkid 10-27-2008 08:19 PM

I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the same type of bottles, as I don't have an IKEA very close, but I know that at a place called Jungle Jim's in Cincy, I've found a drink (French I think they say) that is sort of like a carbonated (sparkling) lemonade. I buy this stuff anytime I see it because it comes in a swing-top bottle and my two year old loves the juice. They are fantastic for gifts as someone pointed out!

Looks kind of like this link, but not nearly as expensive. Only a buck or two!

French Sparkling Lemonade

knarfks 10-28-2008 02:02 AM

I have used the lemonade bottles, but can only find them for around $4 They work great

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