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Bobby_M 12-22-2006 04:31 PM

I think I'm ready to start kegging HELP
Well, I thought I'd make the switch to all grain before I started kegging, but I'm my last nerve with cleaning and capping bottles.

This isn't the usual "how do I keg?" post because I've read enough to know what I need to do. However, I'm not making a kegerator but rather would like to store the cornies in a fridge in the basement and run the beer line/lines up into my kitchen countertop. The fridge will be directly below as to minimize the length and non refrigerated line. The big question is, given a run of at least 10 feet, am I better off grabbing a longer length of 1/4" and dialing in from there or will 10 feet of 3/16" be too long for a balanced system?

Are there any other pitfalls? I figure about 8' of exposed or non-cooled beer line, which I suppose I'd wrap with pipe insulation. I think with 1/4", that's about 5 cubic inches of beer that could potentially be "warm" at the beginning of a session. But that's less than 3oz and it would probably only make a 16oz pour only slightly warmer than the next.


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