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copyright1997 08-31-2011 12:50 AM

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Originally Posted by elproducto View Post
That's a good idea.. how did it turn out?
Not sure yet. I tired one of the bottled ones on August 25th and it was quite nice. It poured with just about the right amount of foam and tasted nice. Here's a picture: (Note that some of the head is gone because I took a couple sips and it was sitting for a while, and the color is darker than an all grain version because I used a liquid wheat kit I had laying around for the base grain.)

The "not sure yet" part is the portion I put to a keg. It seemed to carb just fine (I left it in the basement next to the bottles at about 65 degrees). I decided to try it (warm) and there was quite a bit of pressure in the keg (came out fast and foamy). So, I decided to vent some of the pressure before chilling (probably a mistake). It is now cold, and tastes fine, but I still playing with the pressure trying to get it right. Part of the issue is that I am using a picnic tap for this (regular beer line and tap are tied up with another brew). I thought at first the bottled tasted better (for whatever reason), but your post prompted me to try a glass from the keg and a glass from bottle and they taste the same, and have similar foam and lacing.

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