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calatan 02-26-2009 02:54 AM

How much priming sugar in keg?
So Im tired of bottling and bought a few 5 gallon kegs. I dont really like the idea of forced carbonation, so can I just add the typical priming sugar I would for a 5 gallon batch and then seal er up and let it condition inside the keg?

hopsoda 02-26-2009 03:05 AM

That's my understanding , and that's what I'm doing. Anyone ells?

944play 02-26-2009 03:05 AM

Some say 1/3rd of what you'd use to bottle -- I say that's not enough. I like to use exactly what priming calculators call for.

Keep in mind, you'll need to use the bottled CO2 to seal the keg as well as to deliver the beer. Once you realize how quick and cheap bottled CO2 is, you'll probably end up force-carbonating most of your kegs. :D

SowegaBrews 02-26-2009 03:11 AM

I'm curious. Why don't you think force carbing is a good idea?

944play 02-26-2009 03:27 AM

Let me jump on this one.

Force carbing seems unnatural, wasteful, and like cheating. I do it anyway.

jldc 02-26-2009 03:33 AM

I have heard that you should put less sugar in a keg to carbonate it, but per 944play, I've also heard differently.

I don't know if "naturally carbonated" tastes different than "force carbonated" but If I needed the beer in a hurry, I force carb. Otherwise, why not carbonate in the keg with sugar?

lmg95 02-26-2009 04:03 AM

i got a quick Q... i just got some pressurized 5-gal corny kegs... but my quick disconnects won't arrive til mon/tues... can i transfer a finished batch to a keg without sealing with CO2?

944play 02-26-2009 04:30 AM

I wouldn't. More time on the yeast probably won't hurt, and it's definitely a good idea to purge and seal the keg with CO2.

lmg95 02-26-2009 04:39 AM

yeah i figured... i hoped maybe i could carb it with the yeast and sugar then purge the tank if/when enough CO2 was produced. It's a hefeweizen so i hoped to keg/bottle it sooner but i guess it's safer to wait.

broadbill 02-26-2009 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by jldc (Post 1159935)
Otherwise, why not carbonate in the keg with sugar?

Couple of reasons:

natural carbonation leave yeast sediment that will be stirred up and dispensed when the keg is tapped. So you either have to pitch those first few pints or drink yeasty beer. OP was brewing a hefe so maybe you want yeast sediment for a cloudy beer.

I think force carb beers taste beer than natural carb even with the yeast settled out. I don't know ifs that a thing with mouthfeel and different size CO2 bubbles or residual yeast in the natural carb beer-just my preference though.

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