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partrige 09-30-2012 09:11 PM

Gluey taste after co2 change
New to this so I'm sure I've messed up somewhere. After I finished my first fermentation I moved my brew to a youngs pressure barrel and proceeded with sedond fermentation. After leaving for a few weeks yesterday I tested it and had a drink. Tasted good but the pressure got less and the top stopped pouring. I moved the barrel to a colder place and added a co2 canister. Afterwards it was nothing but foam that I got out. Today when I tried it there was a strong gluey taste present. Also to smell. It was barely drinkable. Not too sure what the issue could be. Is there any comeback? There still was a strong taste of yeast yesterday, but I thought that might disappear over time. Any help appreciated.

dbrewski 09-30-2012 09:18 PM

what is a young's pressure barrel? Foaming has many possible sources, maybe to high serving pressure, too short beer line (or too large diameter), etc so we'd need more detail. And the first couple of pours off a keg you will get yeast and gunk from the bottom, should clear up after that. Can't explain a glue taste. Where did the CO2 come from?

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