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dhaas66 08-15-2007 06:26 PM

Fridge Died
Got all of my parts for my kegging project. I turned the fridge off 2 days before..

I drilled 2 small holes to mount the manifold and blue liquid come out of one of the holes. Oh @#$% must have hit a refrig line. started the fridge and now it won't cool.

Pissed now, I take a hole drill to drill through the plastic to see the line I hit. Nothing. Just stryofoam. I dug all the styrofoam out with a screw driver.. Nothing. I am scratching my head. If I hit the line... My bad.. I want to see it. But I can't find it. Nothing....

Checked the freezer setting then the fridge settings. Still won't cool. Disconnected my thermostat. Still nothing. I don't understand. It is old. Could it have just gone at that particular time. I turn it on and the fan kicks in then nothing else.... No cool air entering the fridge or the freezer section.

Any thoughts. Besides how stupid could I be.


abracadabra 08-15-2007 06:52 PM

Could have died from being off for a couple of days I had an old freezer I left unplugged over the summer because I didn't want to pay for the electricty to run it as it was empty. When I went to start it up it never got cold.

If you hit a refridgeration line you should have hear a fairly loud hissing sound as the gas escaped. Unless you couldn't hear over the sound of your drill.

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