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captainL 03-31-2012 02:58 AM

first and second time kegging question....
So I kegged my first beer 7 days ago, stuck in the fridge and set the pressure to 10 PSI (temp about 38). Today one week later its.....not very carbonated. I just put another beer in a different keg today, and I figured I would try the method of 30 psi for 24 hours and then serving pressure thereafter. I figure I should at least try different methods and determine what I like and works for me.

The question I have is would it hurt to put the first keg that has been sitting at 10 psi for a week to 30 psi for 12 hours or so and then disconnect. Or do I risk overcarbonating at this point. It is only slightly carbonated right now. I put it on 30 psi around 3:00 and I plan to disconnect and vent it tomorrow. Sound OK. Thanks.

goosegrease 03-31-2012 03:20 AM

There are a lot of FIRMLY held opinions on this forum as to the proper way to carbonate your beverage of choice. With that in mind , a few questions, do you have a dual regulator? Are you patient enough to wait it out? If you have the dual regulator, leave the first at ten, and carb the second as you wish. If you have a single, I will guess(it is only a guess) you will over carbonate beer 1, and under carbonate beer 2. I would leave it at 10 or 12 psi until it is carbonated to your desired level. In the end it is your beer, and whatever you choose to do, you will learn something.

mux 03-31-2012 03:26 AM

Do what you want! experiment! I started kegging recently and haven't found the right way for me yet. Set it at 30 for a day or so see what happens. If its not carbed yet maybe it will be perfect and you found the perfect way for you.

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