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crown_cres 06-18-2007 06:41 AM

external thermostat will this work?????
hey there i am in the process of converting a freezer into a kegerator but i only have one option lacally for a external thermostat . it does not come prewired it has 3 termanals inside for when you go to wire it. i want to use a piggyback wire or something like that. is this hard to wire yourself to 120V plug???? it said it's ment for green house fans etc and air conditioning etc for heat and cold from 30-110F. will this work????

this looks like the one i have access at one of my local stores (not sure if it is the sae model or not)

if you look at his one this is the type of plug i imagine i will need to install myself???

any info would be great if this will work????????????

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