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Iuhoosiers 10-08-2012 12:10 PM

Double hinges on my keezer or not?
I'm building a new keezer with a brand new Kenmore 8.8 and trying to decide if I want to add an additional set of hinges to the collar or not (1 set to lift lid from collar, 1 set to lift collar from base).

I like the advantage of being able to get everything somewhat out of the way when dropping in a 1/2 barrel (not to mention saving that extra few inches of lifting) but am unsure how well the hinges will be able to hold up the extra weight from the collar. What do you think? For those with 2 sets of hinges, how do you keep it open?

Inkleg 10-08-2012 12:56 PM

I ordered a set of hinges from here https://www.appliancezone.com/Search...37684&x=7&y=10. My collar is made of 1 by 8s with rigid 1 inch insulation on a 7.2 Kenmore. The hinges hold the collar and lid up with no problem. I like the ease of loading and being able to reach the bottom to clean any spills.

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