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zachattack 01-17-2013 01:55 PM

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Originally Posted by Reno_eNVy View Post
You most certainly shouldn't be concerned. PV=nRT... on other words, as temperature (T) goes down, so does pressure (P) and volume (V).
Not to nitpick, but: since this is a gas/liquid system, the ideal gas law is irrelevant when looking at the total mixture. If you had a cylinder with pure gas in it (once you run out of liquid CO2), the pressure will fluctuate linearly with temperature as you described.

When there's liquid present, the fluctuations are due to changes in the vapor pressure of liquid CO2 (vapor/liquid equilibrium) with temperature, not the gas expanding/contracting.


Attached is a quick plot I put together using the data from Wikipedia. As you can see, it's not linear.

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