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vwjet2001 07-31-2012 03:50 AM

Danby dkc645bls Not Cooling
Hey everyone, looks like I have some cooling issue with my kegerator. I went to grab a beer last night and noticed it said 53 degrees (usually 43). The compressor was running and wasn't hot, so figured maybe it just kicked in late (stupid Danby thermostats). But then about an hour later, I noticed it was still at 53 degrees, with the compressor still running, but now hot. I put a fan on the compressor so it didn't overheat, but 30 min later...still 53. So now I take out the keg and make sure the coils are cold...they aren't. I noticed some ice build up so unplugged the fridge and let it sit overnight open. In the morning, there was a little water in the rear drain catch, but not much. I unscrewed the rear coils and pulled it out, then turned on the fridge. The inlet to the coils (small copper pipe) gets really cold and even frosts over, but the coil plate never gets cold. Also, the return (bigger copper pipe) is not getting cold, either. I do hear a slight hissing/running fluid when the compressor is running, which btw itself is not making any weird noises and sounds healthy. Any ideas? Below is a link to a couple of pictures.

Keg Pics

In the first picture you can see the frosted over inlet on the left. The second picture is the cooling plate that is currently warm.

Thanks for reading and any advice is appreciated!

vwjet2001 08-13-2012 07:29 PM

Thought I would follow up for anyone that finds this thread and has the same issue. Turns out it was low on charge and needed some R134a. Did this by putting an R12 self tap into the line (can be done without losing freon) and then using an R12 to R134a adapter (auto parts store). Then fill to 130 PSI with the compressor running and warm using a car recharge kit. Worked for me and still cooling fine. The adapter and tap were around 15 bucks, so definitely worth the attempt to fix it.

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