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cmbtmdc520 09-20-2011 05:52 AM

Corny keg not holding pressure after O2 purge
So I have brewed and fermented a beer for my sister's wedding reception, and in order to transport this beer, I tried to shoot about 10 psi in the keg in order to keep it from oxidizing. Well, after purging 10 psi of CO2 in it, and disconnecting the gas, it lost pressure. I tried 15psi and disconnected it, same result. Then I tried 20psi, and after disconnecting, I learned that the gas in valve of the corny keg was slowly leaking gas. Lightly pushing on the small gas in pin stopped the leak. Too much pressure on this pin caused rapid gas leaking, but a slight pressure stopped the hissing. Sounds like a faulty corny keg, right?righteous

mattlsull 09-20-2011 12:26 PM

Probably not the keg, but maybe the poppet spring valve inside the stem of the gas post. it could not be seated properly and the spring action is catching if off center to the hole. Or it may need replacing if the little gaskette has been dammaged or worn.

Also during assembly I usually give the poppet and gas post a few squirts of sanataizer from my spray bottle. For sanintization, yes, but also for a better easier seal. And to pressure test.

unscrew the gas post and examine the poppet valve for damage. If no damage when putting back together jiggle it a bit and make sure the poppet valve is not at an angle.

If need replacing they are about 3 bucks. Your local homebrew stores will probably carry them, or just about and on-line store.

ne0t0ky0 09-20-2011 12:47 PM

Be sure to lube the small rubber ring on the top of the poppet. I had this exact same leak and all it took was some keglube and now it's hold pressure just fine.

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