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MellowToad 02-13-2010 03:30 AM

Converting Keg Kit Faucet to Fridge Faucet...
Hi folks. I'm looking at purchasing a couple of keg kits. I plan on purchasing a 2-keg kit that will be used to haul and dispense beer at a beer festival using what I consider to look like 'seltzer-water' taps/dispenser, that almost look like a water hose.

However, during the non-festival times, I plan on retiring these kegs to my garage where they will sit comfortably in a refrigerator. During these times, I'd like to connect them to 'faucet style' taps that I plan on equipping my fridge with.

I have two questions relating to this:

First - Can these two types of taps be interchanged quickly and easily? What all is involved?

Second - If I decide to add two extra kegs later on (total of four), what all would I need to purchase (other than the lines, taps and extra kegs)?

Thanks so much!

MachineShopBrewing 02-13-2010 04:06 AM

1. Yes the kegs have quick disconnects. You could change between faucets in about 2 seconds.

2. the only thing you might need would be a co2 manifold to run gas to all the kegs.

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