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BritBrewer 09-04-2014 05:34 AM

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So I'm finally getting around to dolling up my chest freezer & taps combo into something more presentable. After doing some reading I think I will be heading towards a copper heat sink or even a hard drive liquid cooling system in the long run. However in the short term I have drawn up the following concept. The idea being to minimise the transfer of heat into the beer lines by keeping a small clear air pathway. I hope the single fan in the design not to be necessary.

To refer back to the hard drive liquid cooling system; mounting the heat sink to the underside of the top of the freezer. This will utilise the low profile of the heat sink by allowing as much room for kegs as possible. This setup will also men that the fan will be located in the pvc pipe beside the taps; further encouraging air flow between the coffin and the freezer. The liquid cooling system will also be wired in conjunction with the heat controller and independently. This will allow me to turn the liquid cooling system on only when serving; conserving energy.

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