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jdd12364 11-23-2011 01:37 PM

CO2 abs?ortion
How fast does CO2 get absorbed into the beer ?
I kegged two different brews yesterday to 30 psi @ 68* , checked for leaks with starsand , no leaks , this morning there is little to no pressure in the kegs. :confused:

I am looking to let these kegs condition at room temp till there is room in my refrigerator.

audger 11-23-2011 02:13 PM

were they left on gas, or did you hit them with 30 psi and then disconnect the gas?

they need to be left on pressure the entire time.

jdd12364 11-23-2011 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by audger (Post 3511415)
were they left on gas, or did you hit them with 30 psi and then disconnect the gas?

they need to be left on pressure the entire time.

Why would they be left on pressure the whole time if they are presurized to 30 psi & sealed ?

Bobby_M 11-23-2011 03:17 PM

It wasn't a question of why but rather fishing to see WHAT you did. The why would be if you were trying to carbonate the beer. I understand now that you were not but rather just trying to seal the keg.

If you put 30psi into the head space of a nearly full keg of room temp beer and you come back to find NO pressure then it does suggest a leak. Of course, when you say NO, it could mean very little but not none. In other words, you may have been expecting a big WHOOOSH of gas when you pull the vent but just got a little PSSST.

Basically 30psi into the headspace would eventually equilibrate down to 3 psi once the beer absorbed it. 3psi is pretty low but should give you a short hiss when venting.

Did you spray some starsan on the top of the keg to check for leaks after you gave it 30 psi? Another trick is to invert the keg and flip it back over. Usually if there's a gross leak, you'll see spurting.

bcfzx2 11-23-2011 04:56 PM

I asked this very same question about two months ago and never got a good answer. Thanks, Bobby for the clarification.

jdd12364 11-23-2011 11:44 PM

I did check it with starsan & don't see any bubbles at all , also check pressure with a spunding valve closed .

Can it be asorbed overnight is what I was wondering because I usualy stick them in the fridge online @ 12 psi but I set these at 30 psi due to room temp .

My question to Audger is why would it have to be hooked up in order to carbonate ?

postalbunny 11-24-2011 01:19 AM

If you want it to carbonate to the correct volume of co2 you would want it hooked up. I condition in kegs as well, and at 70 deg the carb chart says around 30 psi is the same volumes (2.3 or so) as 12 or 13 psi at 40 deg.

So if you hit it with 30 and leave it unconnected, the beer will absorb some of that co2 and it may get back down to 3 or 5 psi. The beer won't be fully carbonated though. If it was hooked up then the keg would stay at 30 psi, replacing any co2 in the headspace that got absorbed. This would keep happening until the beer has absorbed all it can at that temp and pressure.

I rehit my keg with more co2 every few days if I'm bored, that way when I stick it I. The kegerator it doesn't take as long to carb with the set and forget method. I only have one co2 source though, and its in the kegerator so they usually just sit in the closet for a couple weeks off the gas.

jdd12364 11-24-2011 01:27 AM

postalbunny ,
lit is my first time trying to carbonate without being hooked up to the co2 , so when I checked 24 hrs later & saw ther was little to no pressure I was wondering if the co2 could be absord that fast since I can't seem to find a pressure leak .

DevilsCreekBrewing 11-24-2011 04:54 AM

I have 2 of my cornies that leak at the big o-ring when under 15psi. If I was to hit them with 30psi, when they balanced out lower than 15psi, the rest of the gas would slow leak.

My advice is to check your kegs at slowly increasing pressure, and get some keg lube.

JRems 11-24-2011 02:35 PM

It probably absorbed. The same happens to me. I know there is no leak. Just hit it with 30 psi 2 times a day or just leave it connected at 30 psi. It won't overcarb if it's warm

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