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grrtt78 06-17-2007 01:31 PM

chest freezer or upright?
Im going to build a keggerator and i dont know what to use. would i need a temp control if i use a chest freezer? any thoughts on which is better?

david_42 06-17-2007 01:56 PM

You would need a control with either. Chest freezers give you more usable room for the size, but an upright is better if you also bottle. Most uprights, you are limited to the number of kegs that will fill the floor (3-5), they aren't tall enough for two kegs. Chest freezers, you have to lift the keg over the edge, but you don't have to pull all the other kegs out because the floater is in the back.

I have an upright, but the next one will be based on a chest freezer.

Bernie Brewer 06-17-2007 03:20 PM

If a chest freezer is big enough, you can toss in a carboy or extra cornie for lagering, with a small upright (like mine) that isn't an option.

Fingers 06-17-2007 03:56 PM

I bought a chest freezer for greater capacity, lagering capabilities and the ability to hide it behind my bar. If you have the room, go chest.

gnef 06-17-2007 04:05 PM

my kegerator is a full size fridge, with a top freezer. it can hold 6 kegs, and i have six faucets coming through the door.

i also have two chest freezers with temp controllers on them for cold storage and fermenting, one is about 8 cubic feet, the other is 22 cubic feet.

what i'm trying to say is: get both!

in all seriousness, it depends on your situation. do you need a smaller footprint? if so, then a full size fridge would work better for you. if you want greater capacity, and don't mind making a collar, or drilling through the lid for a tower, then a chest freezer is for you. if you ever want to get a half barrel for some reason, a fridge is the way to go, as you do NOT want to be lifting a half barrel by yourself without any mechanical advantage.

so really, you need to give us more information regarding your situation. if money is an issue, a full size fridge can usually be found on craigslist for free (be careful though, they can eat through electricity), and chest freezers can be found for a good price every now and then. are you living in an apartment? home? how large is your home? how large is your beer area? how many kegs do you currently have? what size batch do you make, and how often?

homebrewer_99 06-17-2007 10:22 PM

A chest freezer is always the better choice.

Think about it, when you open a fridge the cold falls (rolls) out at the bottom. With a chest freezer the cold is contained because you are just opening the lid. ;)

Brew-boy 06-17-2007 11:05 PM

I built one usiing a chest freezer. No way would all those kegs CO2 tank etc...
fit into a fridge. Go with a chest freezer and you will be very happy.

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