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MrMista 10-05-2012 09:40 PM

Building a Kegerator, I could use a parts review!
Hello everyone, I am building a 4 tap kegerator (3 regular, 1 nitro) and I recently did some pricing. It would be great if someone could look over my parts and tell me if I am missing anything important. Here is what I plan on picking up:

4 Ball Lock Kegs
2 Way Regulator
2 Way Distributor 1/4'' Barbs
4x Ball Lock Disconnect Package
10lb CO2 Tank
3x Perlick 525
Stout faucet (I am still thinking about this one, I don't know if it matters if I get the stainless micromatic or a chrome plated one)
Nitro Tank (28 cu ft)
Nitrogen Regulator (can I just use a CO2 one and save money?)
20ft 5/16'' gas line
40ft beer 3/16'' line

Does anyone see any issues with this setup? Also what do people think about Taprite regulators vs the cheaper brand that keg connection sells (here saves me $40). Do you think 3 kegs with a dual regulator (with one serving 2 kegs) will give me enough serving pressure options?

Thanks so much for the help!

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