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Mcbobs 04-10-2012 04:20 PM

Broken Regulator
So here's my problem guys. I had my wedding this past weekend and I served 10 gallons of my homebrew at it. It's now tuesday and I am attempting to get everything cleaned up, but it turns out that after my kegs had been emptied, the bartender completely dismantled my regulator attempting to turn everything off. I now have a pile of parts and although I THINK I can get it all put back together, I feel that I am missing a part. When I twist the knob to increase pressure to the kegs, it won't open the valve to let the gas out. My CO2 canister still has plenty of pressure in it, but I can't get it through the regulator to the kegs...

Am I missing a part here? This is the economy regulator from Austin Homebrew Supply.


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