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patthebrewer 01-25-2013 06:43 PM

Bought a new Micro matic Reg...got taken.
Well maybe not taken but its wasn't the deal I thought it was either. Needed a new reg. so I stroll into the Resturant supply place we have here in northern Ocean County. Spot a Micromatic 642, usually this place is willing to deal alittle so I ask. Best they can do is 64.99 list price $80....in my head I'm thinking I know I saw these for Plus $100 bucks:D...I ask to see if it hold pressure....he checks and the tank gauge doesn't read..he says "someone must have knocked it over" ...he takes out a replacement gauge, and gives it to me, and asks if I'm still interested he'll throw in the replacement guage.:pipe: Okay, I say, I'll take it thinking, I got a great deal.:ban: Get the thing home and just for the sake of looking I decided I'm going to See how great a deal I got, so I can show the wife;). Look it up and The Beverage Factory has 'em for 68 bucks brand new:confused::eek::smack::rolleyes:...Me, I got the floor model that I had to replace the gauge on, and of course the wife is looking over the shoulder, with this...look on her face......guess I should done my research first. Anyone have one of these kinds of days.

Bensiff 01-25-2013 07:28 PM

That sucks...I always look prices up on my phone before pulling the trigger to avoid such shenanigans.

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