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TomRep 07-26-2010 02:59 PM

Beverage Air BM23 Question
So I picked up a free BM23 this weekend off of CL. Seems to be in descent shape. The guy was trying to get it to work and had the wiring all srewed up. Once I fixed that, It fires up fine but didn't cool. Found a hole in the evaporator so I brazed it and have to fill the system (I'm an auto tech and it uses r134, so I'm fine there). My question is how many cornys can I fit in this thing? I did a search and it seems to be 4, but how much room is in there with four? I need to replace the tower (cracked and no spigot) and I'm undecided on a dual or triple tap. If I can fit four kegs, I'm thinking a triple tap and room to carb the fourth keg. If it is real tight in there with four kegs, I may just lean toward the double tap. opinions and/or pictures would be great. thanks!

vincemash 07-26-2010 06:45 PM

here is some good info on the BM23

It says 4 "Home Brew Tanks (5.0 Gallons)"....but as we all know the pinlocks are fatter than ball locks, so if you haven't bought your kegs yet, go with ball lock if you want 4 to fit

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