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Beermaker 04-08-2007 02:35 PM

Better Bottle question?
My BBs were delivered friday. Does it hurt them to soak in iodafore and water to sterilize? I dont want them to turn brown like other hoses and stuff that sits in it.

Dude 04-08-2007 02:48 PM

I wouldn't. It will stain them. Sounds like a good time to switch to Star-san.

Don't fear the foam!!!!!!


EdWort 04-08-2007 02:55 PM

Starsan Rocks! Don't worry about the foam. It's good for beer.

Schlenkerla 04-08-2007 03:15 PM

They should be OK!!!
I use PET carboys all the time. (Not Better Bottles) They never ever stain and I use Idophor all the time.

However, I used a Menards bucket to mix up sanitizer(HDPE). Then I'll use my autosyphon to sanitize it while I send the sanitzer flow to the carboy. My bucket is NOT stained either.

Mine are the same as the day I bought them. - I use PET Aquapure bottles. $5.00 each with water!!! Mine are 3 gallons though.

They are definately - NOT - high density polyethyline HDPE like you find in some grocery stores.

Mine have a triangle with the "1" & PETE marking


PET should not get stained. You should be OK.

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