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Buford 03-08-2007 03:07 AM

BeerSmith and forced carbing questions
I put numbers into BeerSmith for forced carbing and I'm wondering if what it's telling me will work. It says that at 68 F I can apply 24.5 PSI and let the beer sit three weeks like if I was doing carbing with sugar. Questions I have about this are:

1. Does it impact the taste of the beer to carb it at room temp if force carbing over a long period of time? I'm assuming no since the sugar carbing method is basically the same thing excepting the initial high PSI before CO2 starts dissolving with force carbing.

2. Can the 24.5 PSI be applied until the pressure equalizes and then the keg be disconnected from the gas for the three weeks or does this need to be a constant 24.5 PSI to work?

If I can do it this way it would work out pretty well since I could store the carbing keg like I do carbing bottles (i.e. not in the fridge) and since I'll need to apply pressure to seal the keg in the first place I'm not really doing any extra work. I need to let the beer age properly before drinking anyway so having to wait three weeks as opposed to doing the apply 30 PSI to cold beer and shake well method will keep me from drinking it too green.

johnsma22 03-08-2007 04:20 AM

That will work just fine, but you will need to leave it connected to the gas the whole time in order to carbonate. There is no impact on flavor force carbonating at any temperature. The only thing that changes with temperature is the pressure required to obtain a given level of carbonation.

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