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coypoo 07-11-2012 10:32 PM

Beer line, does it carbonate?
Random q, couldn't find anything on the interwebs: does the beer in the beer lines carbonate like the rest of the keg? If I take an early sample from the keg, is the beer in the line at the same carb level as in the keg?

day_trippr 07-11-2012 10:45 PM

I'm going to guess: No.

But even with a 10 foot 3/16" ID beer line, you're worrying about less than two ounces of beer.

"Set 'n forget" carbing is how I roll. "Tap no keg before its time" is my motto...

Cheers! ;)

carlisle_bob 07-12-2012 12:16 AM


Yes, of course it carbonates. The CO2 slowly dissolves in all the beer. If it takes a couple of weeks to get to the bottom of a keg, it should get to the end of the beer line in a year or less...

It's a surface area to volume sort of thing. Unless you have a pump or circulation from some other source, diffusion is all you are going to get. Large surface area / small volume = carbs fast. Small surface area large volume = carbs slow...


day_trippr 07-12-2012 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by coypoo (Post 4244367)
[...]If I take an early sample from the keg, is the beer in the line at the same carb level as in the keg?

I just reread this, and it's a completely different question than the title and the first question.

If you hook up a keg and draw a sample, it will be more or less representative of the carbonation level - at least near the end of the Out dip tube. Caveats include explosive overcarbonation that causes a cascade effect knocking most of the carbonation out of solution...etc.

Otoh, if you hooked up a flat keg to, say, a picnic tap, drew enough to fill the tap line, and then started the carbonation process, I expect it would be a long, long time before any sign of carbonation made it the length of the tap line...


coypoo 07-13-2012 05:05 PM

Cool, thanks for the responses. I didn't think it would either, but I'm wrong a lot. Thanks!

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