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pirate252 03-14-2007 09:03 PM

Aluminum Bottles?
So I ran a quick search, but having the word bottles in the search kinda makes it hard to find what I was looking for lol.

These Bud pop top aluminum 16 oz bottles, is there any reason why they couldn't be used? They seem pretty stout.

MashStirBrew 03-19-2007 04:56 AM

I've had the same question. Anybody???

Brewsmith 03-19-2007 05:17 AM

I would just be worried about crushing them during capping. If there's no dents or dings in them, I say go for it.

Orfy 03-19-2007 06:18 AM

I guess they may have a coating inside that could be easily scratched of damaged. If they don't then they should be okay if not damaged.

pirate504 03-19-2007 06:29 AM

I heard people still drink beer out of aluminum cans :confused:

I haven't seen these type of "bottles" yet so I would be interested to see them first hand before I open my mouth and comment on them, but if they are just a glorified can that is shaped like a bottle, then IMO they are disposable and probably not worth it.

Catfish 03-19-2007 08:28 AM

They're pretty heavy duty. The one problems I foresee (appart from the inside coating getting damaged) would be over flows during filling, I have that problem with opaque bottles, lots of spilling. And it7ll be impossible to visually inspect your bottles cleanliness.

btw how many freakin pirates are there?!

JnJ 03-19-2007 11:10 AM

I saw them for the first time this last weekend and was wondering the same thing......

zoebisch01 03-19-2007 11:53 AM

One thing to keep in mind. Metals (especially Al) conduct heat very well. This is the primary reason they are using it. You can shove those 'Buds' in the ice and have them tasteless in no time. Problem is, if you get your precious homebrew in a warm place you are risking deterioration. The glass allows at least some form of a thermal buffer in the sense that changes in temperature will not nearly be as immediate, so that is something to keep in mind if you use them.

abracadabra 03-19-2007 11:54 AM

I would not want my HB in a Bud bottle. I don't want to advertise for them. Aluminum and coating aside.

sirsloop 03-19-2007 02:05 PM

LOL.... but would you use sam adams bottles for your HB? They make excellent keepers!! :)

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