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bs22619 12-18-2007 01:11 AM

Air Leaks.
Im new to the forum so ide like to start by saying hello to all you brewing freaks, or might I say.....enthusiast. Well I kegged my first batch of brew today (original sierra nevada pale ale) and i leaked the air out of the keg replacing it with co2. However I seem to have co2 leaking out of the "in" line.(while it is not hooked up) Is this normal for that the keg may be over flowed with co2 or is it that my keg hardware is lousy?

DraconianHand 12-18-2007 01:14 AM

Although I am not quite sure where you are leaking from, I would say that if your system is leaking CO2, then there is something wrong.

The only time you should lose CO2 is when you open the tap and beer comes out.

Try using a sponge or spray bottle with dish soap on it. Spray/dab it on all connections. Bubbles will form where the leak is present.

bs22619 12-18-2007 01:26 AM

Its leaking from the top of the "in" valve. Like the top of the springed devise that fits inside of the nut that screws onto the keg. After about 10 minutes i checked it and thier is no c02 pressure in the keg whatsoever. Ha im sorry i dont know the actual names for what im trying to explain........

DraconianHand 12-18-2007 01:42 AM

If it is leaking from the top of the post, it sounds like you might need to disassemble the post and give it a cleaning.

Also, I have at least one keg that for some reason, the "pin" sometimes doesn't seat right when it tries to return to the UP position. I don't know why this is, but it only seems to happen when the keg is under very low pressure. Usually I can just wiggle the pin with my finger and it returns to a fully closed position and seals.

wizardofza 12-18-2007 01:57 AM

I had the same problem with a couple of kegs I recently purchased. They held a seal at the LHBS, but once I brought them home to fill, they wouldn't.

Turns out, I needed to replace the o-rings on both the dip tube and the shorter tub on the CO2 side. Holds a seal like a champ now.

bigben 12-18-2007 02:50 PM

The disconnects have little rubber O-Rings in them. Make sure it's still in there.

I took apart my disconnects to clean them and lost one of the o-rings(the beer side). I didn't know it tho and when I connected it, beer was squirting out of the top of the disconnect. I ran to the LHBS and got another o-ring for it.

So take apart the gas disconnect and make sure the o-ring is in there.

bs22619 12-18-2007 10:18 PM

Yea well it turns out it does not seem to sit right....so i found if i just wiggle it with my finger to the right spot it holds. Thanks for the advise/input.........

david_42 12-18-2007 11:56 PM

The little thingie is called a poppet valve and they sit inside the plugs. Poppet valves are easily misaligned, clogged, etc. If wiggling them does not do the trick, you should dismantle the plugs & clean.

malkore 12-19-2007 04:34 PM

you might want to pickup a pair of replacement poppets. make sure you get the right ones for your brand/model of corny keg. if its a ball lock, its easy. if its a pin-lock firestone, you have to do a few minutes of research.

I buy from here: http://www.williamsbrewing.com/KEG_PARTS_C78.cfm

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