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naga77777 01-26-2013 01:45 PM

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Thanks everyone. I have a standard fridge conversion with 3 taps on the door.

The beer lines are in the fridge, propped on the door (so they're cold) but my pint glasses usually start out room temp. If i drink one rather quickly, the glass is still a bit cool when i pull the next pint, but i didnt notice a difference in the pour. I havent tried pulling 3 or 4 back-to-back. Will try that tonight. I Always open/close faucets fully and quickly.

Roadliner, the rock/roll thing is what some people do to burst carb a keg quickly. Technically, they usually do it at higher than serving pressure. I did it at serving pressure to try and avoid overcarbing. I figured getting as much as i could into solution @ serving pressure would be a good "head start" and i wouldnt have to wait so long for the keg to fully carb. Basically you rock and roll the keg around under pressure, and you will hear co2 keep going in. Thats the co2 being absorbed into the beer. It will reach a point where it wont take anymore after a few min, and thats when you set it to serving pressure and let it sit for a while to equalize. Well, the next day i got impatient and put 20psi on the keg for 24hrs hoping to bump up the carb level some more. Most people serve @ 12psi.

beaksnbeer 01-26-2013 05:06 PM

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We can wait 3-8 weeks for fermenting but feel the need to rush the carbing. Lucky I have 12 reasons I can wait
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naga77777 01-26-2013 11:22 PM

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Originally Posted by day_trippr View Post
10 feet of 3/16" ID line works well for beers around 2.5 volumes or lower when serving temperatures allow ~12 psi or less to hit that volume. Beer held at warmer temperatures - or higher carbed brews, like nearly 3 volumes - are going to require longer lines. Regardless of whether that keg has been overcharged, if ~3 volume brews are going to be a regular thing I'd lengthen the lines to around 15 feet...


Thanks everyone

I was actually going to come back and post that I tried the "toss a few" thing, and it worked!

I pulled ~1/4 of a pint, all foam. Tossed it. Pulled an entire pint, 90% foam. Tossed it. The next pint came out great! 1" head, and hiiiiiighly carbonated.

Not sure if I'm still overcarbed at this point. If this is 2.94vols, I'm actually going to take the pressure down. This pint has a heckuva carbonic bite!

I've got an IPA that I'm gonna keg tomorrow, and just "set and forget". If it comes out as carbonated as this brew, I'll know to cut the pressure a bit.

If not, I'll know this one is just still overcarbonated, and I'll drink it like that till it kicks.

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