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BigJoe5313 10-21-2009 11:28 PM

Wild Yeast Experiment
I always liked the idea of wild yeast. I do have one batch of unpasteurized cider brewing right now with nothing added to it. Can't wait for the outcome of that. Long story short I now want to try some wild yeast but without the risk of loosing 5 gallons of cider every time I do it. Plus when I get something I like I can keep it and reuse batch after batch. So I was reading different ways to get wild yeasts and figured what was best for me. This seemed to be the best way with smallest risk. Basically have to buy organic apples and peel the skin off, add it to some apple juice and give it time. So I just wanted to share my little experiment with you guys. I'll try to update it every day or two for those interested.


shot0rum247 10-22-2009 12:25 AM

awesome, please keep us updated!

BigJoe5313 10-28-2009 04:30 AM

well, its going very slow but I'm getting some bubbles out the airlock. One of them just hasn't started yet.



Teromous 10-28-2009 04:51 AM

If culturing wild yeast, there are two important things to note. The first is that apples will contain many different strains of wild yeast, and normally one will become dominant. This can be very random, and even using two apples from the same batch can yield different results.

The second is that yeast is regional, and not reflective of the apple type. Two separate apple types from the same orchard are likely to produce the same yeast culture.

BigJoe5313 10-28-2009 07:16 AM

^ yes, I know. :D

Teromous 10-29-2009 11:52 AM

Cool, I was just trying to give you advice because the title said you were experimenting with wild yeast. From the photo it looked like you might be trying to get different yeasts from different apple types.

shot0rum247 10-29-2009 02:30 PM

I know nothing about the types of yeasts cultured off apples, this is new to me and I would be interested in trying it. What does the yeast ferment like? Does one use it just for making cider/mead/other fruit brews?

BigJoe5313 11-01-2009 04:28 PM

^ you can use it to brew anything really. I'm doing it for mostly future ciders

bfbf 11-01-2009 10:11 PM

I have a 1 gallon batch going at home just from home pressed apple juice, it was bubbling almost as quick as when I add yeast... Think my apples may have a lot of natural yeast in... Whether that is good or bad yeast will be found out around xmas :mug:

gentlemansavage 10-31-2013 08:33 PM

Thread necro, but BigJoe, if you're still around these forums, how did your experiment turn out?

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