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Winberry42 11-14-2012 07:28 PM

What's this in my cider?
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Hi all, this is my first batch of cider. I used store bought sweet cider w/no preservatives, a cup of sugar, a half cup of honey, and (ugggh) a packet of bakers yeast. It worked like crazy for a couple weeks, then quickly settled down. I noticed some fuzzy white jelly floating in it so I put it into a secondary and now most of this stuff is on the bottom. Very little activity at the airlock. Should I bottle this, filter it, pasturise it, or drink it at all? It doesn't smell bad and it tastes really strong of alcohol. I didn't use any campden or test for ph or gravity. Thanks!

BrewNoob519 11-15-2012 12:38 AM

I'm fairly new at this myself but in my short experience with cider and mead I would say don't ever count a batch out unless your sure it's no good. I would rack it off of that jelly. Dissolve the appropriate amount of campden for the size in a quarter cup hot water. Add it when you rack. Make sure you have minimal head space as to limit oxygen. And hope it doesn't come back

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