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BrewinDuluth 05-21-2009 10:48 PM

Tasty cider things that are probably old news
I'm making my fourth batch of hard cider now and a few things I've found....
*I've been adding 1 jar of orange blossom honey to my cider and it adds an awesome taste to the cider. Even people that don't know the ingredients are able to pick the OB honey out. The orange blossom honey has turned out way better than just adding clover honey or otherwise.
*I don't want to take any flack for mixing hombrew and commercial brews together, but I was down to my last few bottles of cider and I mixed half cider, half leinenkugels berryweiss and it was the most delicious thing ever. Especially those who are trying to get SWMBO to drink her share.
Enjoy your cider!:mug:

JLem 05-22-2009 01:53 AM

How did you add the honey - just mixed cold with the cider?

And by a jar, you mean 1 lb? in how much cider?

BrewinDuluth 05-22-2009 05:29 PM

I'm guessing it must have been around 1lb. I got it from Whole Foods and it came in a standard glass jam-type jar if that makes sense. Whole Foods was the only place within driving distance that I could find orange blossom honey. I boiled the honey and 3 cups of sugar together and then added that to 4 gallons of apple cider that I had already poured in the carboy. I added water after that to bring it up to around 5 1/2 gallons. I'm using a white labs wine/sweet mead yeast which is new for me, normally I've been using a Wyeast Belgian Strong Ale yeast. All of my cider has been coming out tasty so far though.

Brandon O 05-25-2009 06:36 PM

There is something about OB honey, it's really really good. I'm going to try this next time. Thanks for the tip!

Kauai_Kahuna 05-25-2009 06:45 PM

I would never slap a person for mixing up a drink that they like, its not my place. Drink what you like.
I am tempted to slap you for boiling the honey.... :)
Boil up the water, add the sugar, let it cool down to 100F or so, then add in the honey. Boiling will drive off flavor, etc, and believe me the honey is free enough of nasties, and 100F liquid will make it easy to handle.

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