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lxxenigmaxxl 11-22-2012 01:28 AM

Super fast fermentation question
I have two carboys of cider going right now. The second carboy has seem to accelerated it fermentation period. I'm not sure why and was wondering if anyone can pin point what I did to accelerate the second carboy. It has only been a week and a half and the krausen fell yesterday which prompted me to take a reading. I was thinking maybe the type of sugar I used.

Also do you think If I follow the same steps, I would get the same results?

The first one
Start 10-18-12
6 gallon Fresh UV cider off the farm
2 cup Table sugar
Nottingham yeast
Start SG 1.056
Currant SG 1.022

The second one
Start 11-11-12
5 gallon Motts apple juice
1 gallon simple plum juice
4 cups turbinado sugar
1 pound of honey
1 tbl energizer
1 tbl nutrient
Nottingham yeast
Start SG1.056
Currant SG 1.010

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