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MasterColin 10-09-2011 12:24 AM

Started Apple Cider (with some Pears). Additions?
So didn't really follow a recipe at all.

5 Gal Cider
2 cups White sugar
1.5lb brown sugar
1 cup of lemon juice
4lb Pears
1/3cup Maple Syrup

So found a cider near me that I really liked, It was nice and tart. Went and talked to the stand (Near Chicago WineMakers on North Ave/83rd in Elmhurst, IL), The cider was $6/gal ($30 total) and was fresh, nothing added to it and no pasteurization.

I heated the Cider to like 140 degrees for 30min or so to kill some baddies. Then put it in a 6.5gal carboy.

Then did a battle between 1cup lemon juice, 20 pears and my Blendtec Blender... The blendtec came out ahead. Poured that mess in there after heating it up a bit to possibly kill some baddies. Poured it in. Heated 1.5lb Brown sugar and 2cups white sugar in some water till it dissolved and poured it in. Then for the hell of it poured in some maple syrup but it was too expensive for me to use too much.

Grav is around 1.07+ but it hasn't cooled enough to check yet. I'm pitching a mixture of Redstar (yeah I know cheap) Champagne and wine yeast (One pack of each, I'm worried about baddies taking over so I wanted to kick start it) once it cools down more.

Anything else I should add before too long?

MasterColin 12-01-2011 01:47 AM

Well. Almost 2 months since brewing.

OG was about 1.075 But its hard to tell because of pear molecules. (Could have been high because of them or low?)

It almost blew out my stopper/Air lock so I switched it over to a blow off tube within the first day.

Racked it to Secondary at 3 weeks, Tons of sediment. It was sitting at 1.000-1.005 (can you read those numbers on the hydro anyways?).

Gave it a taste. I may have added a bit too much cinnamon as it was quite strong (2 sticks sitting for 3 weeks in primary) but it was good also. Strong alcohol taste (sitting around 9.5% or 10.3% depending on equation).

Kept it in the secondary for another Month and just racked it to the keg.

I had some questions about how to carbo'ing it but also back sweetening but finally as I was cleaning out my keg I realized I was dumb and I can just use the sorbate/sulfate and then force carb it.

Got the Wife to try it, said it tastes like wine with cinnamon and a bit of apples. So I guess I need to add a jug of cider to it or something.

Question. Is it OK to Cold Crash and CO2 it and then add the tablets to kill the yeast?

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