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ScottM 05-04-2009 04:26 PM

Recipe formulation
Okay, first 3 gallons of cider are going into bottles this weekend, so that means the next batch needs to get started. For the first batch I used 2lbs of honey plus apple juice to make 3 gallons. This time around I'm looking to use Light DME instead of the honey. I'm hoping for just apple flavor, since the first batch did have a bit of honey flavor when I racked. I found 1 website that listed the honey to DME equivalency at 1.25lbs of honey equals 1 lbs DME. So if my math is correct I'll need 2.66lbs of DME if I substitute at 1.25 to 1.00 and then scale it up from 3 gallons to 5 gallons.

So two questions:

1) Reading a few recipes that used DME in cider, 2.66lbs seems like it may be on the lighter side. Has anyone substituted DME for Honey, and does a ratio of 1.25lbs of honey to 1lbs DME look correct?

2) Can somebody check my math and give me a target OG?

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