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Quercus 11-07-2007 04:20 PM

Question regarding carbonation of Ed's apfelwein
I have a batch of Ed's apfelwein which appears ready for bottling. It's been in the primary for nearly six weeks, and has finally fallen clear.

OG = 1.071
FG = 1.001

That Montrachet yeast is mighty impressive...

My question: do I need to add yeast to the bottling bucket along with the typical 3/4 c. of corn sugar? This juice is VERY clear, with a nice hard-packed cake on the bottom of the fermenter.



Mutilated1 11-07-2007 05:34 PM

No, you won't need to add any yeast.

I ended up letting mine site in the carboy for almost 10 weeks and it carbed up fine. I primed it with 3/4 cup of regular old table sugar, since if its cider I figured a cider offtaste from table sugar couldn't possibly hurt anything, and I sweetened it with maybe 1/2 pound of Splenda ( sucralose and maltodextrine ).

It carbed up really nice. Nice and sparkly like champagne or something.

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