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SeamusMac 06-03-2009 04:46 AM

My Thoughts While Brewing Graff
Tonight was the night, for Graff that is. This was to be my first experience with specialty grains, which is where I ran into some trouble. I set the grains in a muslin bag and suspended them in a pot of warm water, which I proceeded to heat to 150*F. Even though I was watching them I over-shot my temperature mark and they got steeped as high as 175*F, which was eventually brought back down to 150*F over about 10 minutes off the heat. I finished off my steep at 150*F... I used Northern Brewer for my hops, slightly less than 6% AA at 5.7% AA. I funneled the wort into my better bottle full of cider, which had been hit with campden tablets 24 hrs. prior to adding the wort. I pitched Nottingham straight into the carboy and airlocked it. Some of the sanitizing solution I put in the airlock got sucked into the carboy as I moved it into a cooler room... feck... I doubt it'll have any effect on those robust yeasties though.

Lessons learned include:
- let your steeping water reach the desired temperature before adding the grains, and make sure it's stable at that temperature.
- use tinfoil over the mouth of the carboy for the first couple of days.

- Cider SG 1.046
- Cider + wort SG 1.056
- Hops Northern Brewer
- Estimated FG 1.008
- Estimated 6.3% ABV


armorshell 06-03-2009 05:03 AM

Bottling mine tomorrow, will report back with taste notes

SeamusMac 06-03-2009 07:08 PM

I'd really appreciate that armorshell. The guys at the LHBS were really intrigued by the recipe and I couldn't tell them much about it as I've never had anything quite like graff. It'll be a very long 5 weeks for me before I can try the stuff!

Brandon O 06-03-2009 11:24 PM

did you change anything up or is it stock? 2lbs DME and all?

SeamusMac 06-04-2009 12:28 AM

I made a half-volume batch, only because I don't have a pot large enough to do a full volume boil. Other than that everything was the same. I'm at about 24 hours after pitching the yeast and I'm not seeing any evidence of fermentation as of yet, which leads me to my next lesson learnt.

- Properly re-hydrate the yeast (if recommended by manufacturer) and use the damn tinfoil so you don't leak sanitization solution into the carboy and consequentially retard the fermentation process...

Brandon O 06-04-2009 12:40 AM

you don't have a pot big enough for one gallon boil?

I love my 16 gallon pot, works great.

SeamusMac 06-04-2009 02:30 AM

I'm spending a few weeks at the parent's house and they don't have anything big enough to do the full 5 gallon batch. Also carrying 8L of cider on my back during a 1 hour motorcycle journey way enough for me ;) I had hoped for a higher SG, although the gravity readings I took we not at 60*F so I would have to adjust them and my SG may be higher.

AZ_IPA 06-04-2009 03:51 AM


Originally Posted by SeamusMac (Post 1361717)
I'm spending a few weeks at the parent's house and they don't have anything big enough to do the full 5 gallon batch.

wait, the "full boil" for Graff is only 1 gallon - you don't boil the apple juice

p.s. I just ordered the ingredients to make this. Thanks for the recipe Brandon!

Shooter 06-04-2009 04:28 AM

I'm anxious to try mine, I'm bottling weekend after next. My brother, on this site as yeastluvr, already has his in the bottles and is moving on to a second batch. This recipe is proving to be popular. All I know is, I've never tasted a hydro sample so delicious. I can't wait to sample my first ice cold and carbed bottle of this stuff!!!

yeastluvr 06-04-2009 04:34 AM

I just started batch #2 two days ago. I'm doing 2 1/2 gallon batches and added 1 lb hopped DME so I didn't add any extra hops. With my first batch I steeped the grain "my first time at steeping grain" and didn't crush it up....it was whole. Well, after talking with SHOOTER who is a grain guru.....I crushed it this time and after steeping looks like I got a lot more goodies out of the grain. My first batch has another week or two before its ready to test out......I'm getting antsy though.....I almost took a sample to taste today after day two in the fermentor. Damn this stuff is tasty right after mixing up.

Maybe a Graff soda????

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