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hiphops 03-28-2012 07:31 PM

My 2d Cider: so far very good
I just made my second cider.

he base was 4 gallons of store brand apple juice and 1 gallon of juicy juice white grape (which is a combination of white grape and apple juice). I cooked up 5 pounds of sugar into a dark amber candi syrup (which took about 2 hours!) and, for yeast nutrient, I boiled up a pound of raisins, and the rinds of 2 lemons and 2 oranges. In kinda of a last minute thing, I added in the raisins, lemons and orange peels into the cooling candi syrup, which imparted a candied raisin, lemon and orange scent. I then poured in some juice into the candi syrup and mixed it around to help cool it and then pitched it all into the fermenting bucket. The yeast was Lalvin 71B-1122.

I gotta tell you, this stuff tastes incredible. The candi syrup comes across real nice; much better than the brown sugar I used for my prior cider. It had much less of a "sugary" dry mouth causing taste and has more of a smooth caramel sweetness. As well, the combination of the raisins, lemons and oranges went well with the apple/white grape juice combination.

While I am confident that the boiling process killed off any of the wild yeasts, i am concerned, however, that the boiling process and the immersion of the raisins, lemons and orange peels into the scalding hot candi syrup might have killed off any of the yeast nutrients as well.

Only time will tell. If it works out, I highly recommend this recipe. If not, I don't!

jkoegel 03-28-2012 08:55 PM

Yeast nutrients are not living things. You cannot kill them.
They are minerals, vitamins, etc. You are fine.
(Unless you had the yeast in the boiling water)
Cooking up the syrup like that should give you a little residual sweetness at the end. The 71B is good for that too. I used it in my last batch and it has become my new favorite. Much better mouth feel than the super dry ending I got from the EC-1118.

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