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BrewinJack 11-28-2008 02:42 AM

Massive Strength Hard Cider
So i have a conundrum for you guys, i had thanksgiving today and the topic went round to home brew. My cider was not present and it came up in conversation that a friend of a friend had some really pime stuff. The recipe was outlined as this.

5 gallons of sweet apple cider (pasturized but not with preservatives from the local press)
10 pounds of black sugar (a mixture of maltsugar, northern black molasses, dark clove honey, and find ground black tea leaves)
bring it all to temp to kill bacteria then pour into 7 gallon carboy and set outside in snow to cool
When cool pinch in yeast and let sit about 50% longer then normal hard cider
The yeast was said to be a yeast called "18 and Over" and was called a highout put wine yeast with a extreamly high tolerance.

So this is the topic up for discussion, the supposedyeild from all this was about 21%ABV with a mildly sweet but almost desert dry cider (i pointed out that was a contridiction that you either have sweet or dry and it was eventually compared to the sweet yet dry taste of very very fine slow gin, which i enjoy very much... obviously not with out the gin betonical flavor but more of an apple flavor... So upon ariving home i immeadatly look up this mystery yeast, if it exist i was unable to locate it on the web i posted at a few sites for more information but no luck yet, i dont think it exists... alot about this story strikes me as urban legend but i would like to recreat this and possiably have it work the way it is advertised because it sounds amazing... any ideas??? post em here


Kauai_Kahuna 11-28-2008 03:22 AM

Supposedly yeast tend to die out at 18-20% alcohol, but there seems to be exceptions.
A search shows things like "Super Yeast".
Champagne yeasts tolerate 16 to 20 percent.
My current mead is started at 1.122, using champagne yeast, I have fermentation but I'll be adding nutrients tomorrow.
Sam Adams has that Ninja yeast that supposedly gets up to 25% or so, but in any case I think you would have to do multiple additions of nutriants, energizers, and feeding of additional black sugars to keep the yeast from bombing out and avoiding a super sweet cider.

Clayton 11-28-2008 04:08 AM

thay are real thay are called turbo yeast or distillers yeast

nickmpower 11-28-2008 04:17 AM

20% in 5 days? nice

Clayton 11-28-2008 04:28 AM

thay are fun to play with...
i have a buddy that has a larger grain silo
and this year he gave me 100 gal of "Corn Squeezens" in two Plasic 55 gal drums that had milk replacer in them.
i fermintd it in the drums ,, used some "water removing" techs and put it in some white oak barrels i made over the summer , should be really nice in a few years
you cant get corn squeezens libations anymore its an old timey treat

giligson 11-28-2008 05:28 AM

If you want your cider to taste like hooch (ie crap) go ahead an use turbo yeast. This yeast leaves lots of funky tasting byproducts in the brew - it is meant for distillation so that most of that stuff gets left behind.

If you want a decent high concentration yeast use a champagne type yeast like Lalvin EC-1118. It can comfortably get to 18% and under ideal lab conditions can get up to 21%. The brew in question will continue to taste sweet if the yeast dies from alcohol poisoning before it finishes eating all the sugar (note there is a sugar concentration limit at which yeast will not even start working)

felix 11-28-2008 07:55 AM

so, ideally. one would have to do 2 fermentations in order to attain ABVs with healthy yeasts?

lapaglia 11-28-2008 08:42 AM

same fermentation just extended. Put in enough sugar to get and OG of 1.090 when that gets down to 1.010 and more sugar to bring it up to 1.075. repeat till all the sugar is used or the SG stops dropping.

BrewinJack 11-28-2008 01:16 PM

Thanks guys this a a great start, the advice is much appriciated... yeah i knew about the so called "turbo yeast" and also knew that most brewers and distillers hate the stuff and that so often is causes more trouble then even the high ABV it somtimes manages is worth... I was gonna start collecting ingredents for this today and tommrrow, and maybe get this going on suday or the fallowing tuesday when time presents it self... if anybody else gets any ideas i would love to here them, along witha ny of the advice alond the way... I am gonna document this entire batch right here incase anybody wants to recreat it or if i do... so it begins, thanks again


BrewinJack 11-28-2008 09:38 PM

Got the yeast today, a five pack of the LV-118 Champagne yeast and i got 5 because i am likely to start a batch of mead somtime soon to play with.

Tommrrow shopping list adds

- 5 gallons Motts/ or Orchard Farms apple juice or equivlaient (or even organic fresh cider if i can find it and its not to expensive)

- 8 pounds dark brown sugar

- 6 pounds honey

- 3 pounds molasses

- 1/2 pound ground black tea leaves

Current working recipe

5 gallons apple juice high quality apple juice (bring to temp)
4 pounds Dark Brown Sugar (dissolved in juice)
3 pounds clove honey (dissolved in juice)
1 pound molasses(dissolved in juice)
3-4oz black tea leaves (steaped in juice)

Bring to temp, let stand at temp for 20 min to kill off unwanted bactiera
Tansfer to carboy and set out side in snow to cool
after cool take OG reading, then pinch in packet of LV-118 yeast and cover and set inside to ferment
Wait three weeks
After three weeks check SG reading, add sugar if nessary to increase fermentation to former levels
wait 2 weeks
After 2 more weeks check SG reading add sugar if nessary to increase fermentation to former levels
After 1 more week check SG reading add sugar to increase fermentation to former level
Wait 1 week
Get fed up and drink half of it before properly finnished, or repeat former steps
Wait 1 week
Repeat former steps
In total after 9 weeks
Check SG and decide weather to continue or if desired ABV and taste have been reachedn if so rack off yeast sediment let settle and stop fermentation and bottle
If not then add sugar and resume fermentation
In Total of 12 weeks check SG pronouce the myth busted if not right, rack, allow to settle, and bottle
Bottle in 22oz bottles with priming tabs allow 2 weeks for carbination and mellowing
intotal after 11 weeks or 14 weeks open bottle and taste, if good drink bottle and rejoyce. If bad then be content that youve wasted 4 months of time trying to make a massivly strong hard cider which just be made...

Note: if this does work and i were to let it sit for say six months then i think i can no longer call it hard cider, its apple champagne...


if you see any flaws in this plan point them out and i will augment as to what seems reasonable

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