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paddy711 10-09-2011 03:44 PM

making a half cider half mead concoction
don't know what the outcome will be but i have a about a half gallon of mead i made 9 months ago and i think it is in a stuck fermentation because the gravity is at 1.48 i tried drinking some of it but it is way to sweet and it gave me instant gut rot. what i am thinking about doing is adding half a gallon of cider and pitching more yeast to see if i can ferment it out kinda turn it into a cyser. is this worth trying and is there any chance this might turn out okay

the starting gravity of the mead was 1.136 and it is currently at 1.48 so it should be somewhere around 11% alc. so i am thinking if i add a high tolerance yeast and let it age forever that it might turn out okay. I even thought about watering down the cider a little to try to keep the amount of sugar down so maybe it will ferment a little dryer

any thought or advise would be helpful thanks.

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