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Tielson's 04-06-2008 03:09 PM

make the cider a little sweeter
What other yeasts can be used to make mt cider sweeter

mnirish 04-07-2008 03:25 PM

The local homebrew store (Midwest) actually recommended that I use WYeast's Whitbread 1099 for a batch of cider. It's an ale yeast so I'm not completely sure what the rationale on recommending it to me was but I believe it had something to do with being a little more fruity and not so aggressively eating the sugars.....leaving it sweet and not as dry. I was skeptical but I just cracked the first bottle of it this weekend and I must say it was a little sweeter than when I use the Wyeast's traditional Cider yeast. Worth a shot.

RICLARK 04-07-2008 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by Tielson's
What other yeasts can be used to make mt cider sweeter

you could use the same yeast your using and add lactose to it. Also I think there is a apfelwein thread floating around where the guy made 5 batches with 5 seperate yeast strains and I believe he said the WL300 hefe yeast made it very tropical but im not sure of the number it may have been a smack pack I'll try to find it for you.

Edit: ok found it here is the link http://homebrewtalk.com/showthread.p...ight=apfelwein

he used Wyeast 3068

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