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Jesse17 11-12-2007 09:46 PM

Liqueur Anyone?
I know this may be off topic, but the "Distilling" forum apperently doesn't exist.

I read somewhere that some yeast claim to be able to ferment up to 22% abv. If this is true, could I use suger, water, yeast, and nutrient to make a nutral tasting alcohol of about 20% and then flavor it however to make a legal liquer without having to distill it? Has anyone tried this?
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Brakeman_Brewing 11-12-2007 09:48 PM

i dont think making a liquer qualifies as distilling, ive seen liquer kits sold at LHBS's and online

rasperry liquer, coffee liquer, etc

the_bird 11-12-2007 09:51 PM

Those yeasts (distiller's yeasts) aren't designed to create a clean, drinkable product; they're designed to make a lot of alcohol, including fusel alcohols, to be subsequently distilled. Best-case, you're looking at MAJOR headaches.

If you're of legal age, why not buy a bottle of cheap vodka and do the same? I've even seen on Mythbusters how they were able to significantly improve the flavor of a cheap vodka by running it through a water filter.

Jesse17 11-12-2007 09:53 PM

The only kit's I've seen are just flavoring extracts that you add to vodka or everclear or something. I didn't know there are any others.

Jesse17 11-12-2007 09:57 PM

I might try that, but I've always been interested in making Liquor myself. Too bad it's illigal (not to mention possibly unsafe) But I don't think I'd get the satisfaction out of just flavoring someone eles vodka.

Jesse17 11-12-2007 10:22 PM

I just searched for Liquer kits, and found a site selling them. They state that:

"Make your very own 40 proof liquor in just 3 weeks."..."this isn't a bottle of flavoring that you add to Vodka"..."you start with water, sugar, and our liquor kit"

So how do the kits work. It has to be some sort of yeast. Are they just selling the same stuff that's gonna give me a hang over?

Duffey 11-12-2007 11:25 PM

A lot of homebrew shops sell Turbo Yeast, which will ferment corn sugar to 17/18/19% in 10 days at room temperature. I've always seen them advertised as fermenting clean and tasty, but I can't say from experience whether this is true or not.

HighPlainsDrifter 11-12-2007 11:37 PM

Kinda expensive but looks like a safe easy to hide http://bestsmileys.com/paranoid/3.gifoption.


JeanLucD 11-13-2007 12:05 AM

Ah every time I see a thread like this I just laugh to myself and thank the government (omg I'm actually thanking the government?!?!) of NZ that we can legally distill as much as our heart desires. All I need to do now is just get myself a still, haha.
But as the Bird said, I'm pretty sure that there'd be heaps of fusel alcohols and such that'll make your "liqueur" taste all firey and give you a massive headache in the morning. Here's another site you could try out for real distilling though: http://www.home-distilling.com/HD_EasyStill-Instructions.asp

It makes me think of boot-legging and moonshine, ah you Americans, :D.

Brakeman_Brewing 11-13-2007 12:08 AM

:off: just a side note, i LOVE new zealanders:mug:

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