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ayrton 09-15-2009 10:46 PM

I need a good fall cider recipe
I have 5 gallons of apple juice from Costco (with nothing nasty in it to affect fermentation), but I want to do more with it than just throw in some champagne yeast. What's a nice way to spice it up?

SavageSteve 09-15-2009 11:17 PM

Have you looked at Brandon O's Graff http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f81/graf...-cider-117117/? I haven't tried it, but it gets good reviews.

I'll probably give it a try very soon.


ayrton 09-15-2009 11:54 PM

Oooh, it looks promising. Thanks!

Kauai_Kahuna 09-16-2009 09:15 AM

First off, you can use ale yeast, etc. A champagne/wine yeast would take it super dry and take forever to finish.

You can add sugar to boost the ABV. (My standard)
You can add spices like cloves, cinnamon. (I like this in moderation)
You could add around half a vanilla bean.
You could steep speciality grains as in graff.
Heck you could add chilli's, hops, fruits, etc.

What do you like? Then add it. If you love it then post the recipe here.

Cazamodo 09-16-2009 12:46 PM

I threw a couple of cinnamin sticks, and a teaspoon of all spice in my last 5 gallons of cider, just as a lil experiment, and i love it. But its upto, whatever you like!

Bopper 09-16-2009 12:54 PM

I know this is not a fermented cider but I make this cider every fall and it is always a crowd pleaser:

Fill a crockpot with the following:
1. 1 bottle of Goslings dark rum
2. Fresh apple cider
3. 2 cups of redhot candy
4. Cinnamon sticks, nutmeg

BrothersBrewing 09-16-2009 01:15 PM

i just made some and i added some Mulling spices...well see

MartyB 09-16-2009 01:35 PM

Add 12-15lbs of Honey and make a good Cyser!

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