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tpwyo80 08-16-2011 03:35 AM

Fresh pear perry/cider attempt; thoughts on plan?
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Hey everybody, I have a pear tree that's donated a full double sacked paper grocery bag of pears and would like to attempt a pear cider or perry.

From the research I've gathered and recipes I've seen I'd like to propose my recipe/method and see what the more experienced can contribute.

I see the process proceeding as follows...

Juice the pears with a heavy duty juicer
Add campden tablets (1/gal of juice)
Allow to sit 24 hours and take OG.
Add RO water and honey to make 6.5 gallons.
Pitch champagne yeast.
Age respectfully.

Other random thought tangents.
Would rinsing the pears in star-san before juicing have any negative side effect?
Is it worth bothering with pectic enzyme to clear?

The picture is 100% juice separated from the froth. OG was 1.06

Look forward to any responses.

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