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amarsolek 09-22-2010 09:22 PM

First time Cider...Need advice!
So from lots of thread reading and all of the resources that I was able to gather I came up and have begun this recipe...

5 Gallons Mussellman's Apple Cider (Only thing is is is pasteurized and has ascorbic acid in it already, shouldn't be a problem at all)
3/4 Lb of Honey
2 lbs of Brown sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon

Dissolved all the ingredients on the stove with 1.5 gallons of cider and combined that with the remaining cider in my primary.

Added 5 tsp yeast nutrient (as per directions on yeast nutrient bottle) and 5 campden tablets crushed.

Let sit for 24 hrs.

Added pectic Enzyme.

Aerated the heck out of it.

OG Measured 1.064

Added White Labs English Cider Yeast.

Now today, 24 hours later, I'm only getting roughly 4-5 bubbles a minute. From what I was reading it sounded like people get a violent ferment with cider and it really goes nuts. Wondering if this recipe is not going to take off? Or how things are lookin? My primary is at a constant 70 degrees which this strain of white labs is asking for.

Realizing now, the campden tablets were probably only for FRESH apple cider.

Anyway, please advise. This is only my second brewing batch ever, and first time without guidance or a kit.


copper 09-22-2010 10:16 PM

Yeah, campden tabs don't need to be used for pasteurized juice, but won't hurt anything as long as you gave it time to work out.

Fermentation can sometimes take a couple days to get rolling. I've also used the White Labs English Cider yeast, and didn't get a real vigorous fermentation. This is a liquid yeast though, did you make a starter to help get it kicking first? That might explain the slow start. I'm sure you're fine and leave it the hell alone. :D

amarsolek 09-23-2010 03:09 AM

Ya....it's going a bubble every 3-5 seconds now. Just paranoid...first batch I on my own! Nervous but exciting.

So question...I'm reading all these people talking about slowing or stopping when gravities get to a certain point...can I get some input or advice as to why or when people do that?

Bubbles541 09-23-2010 05:49 AM

They do it when their cider reaches their preference of sweet vs. dry. Some people use sulfates to kill the yeast and some people cold crash it to slow it down. Also there is the heat pasturization method. Check it out in the sticky. A lot of people prefer a sweet cider so they prevent the cider from fermenting completely. Which leaves more sugar in the finished product. I love sweet cider, but a nice dry cider isn't bad either. I just prefer being able to drink mine in pints instead of wine glasses full. Also sweet ciders mature faster than dry ciders. ie. You can drink them sooner after bottleing.

Hope this helps.

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