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pickledgent 10-10-2012 04:34 PM

First Ciders
Hi guys,
I went out to my LHBS on 10/7 and got a 6.5 gallon bucket starter equipment kit and then got the bucket filled at the orchard that is close by (no idea on the blend of apples) and picked up two 1 gallon jugs of it. The recipe I'm following is long term:

6.5 gallons unpaseurized cider (og was 1.05)
6 lbs brown sugar
1/4 tsp pectinase
2 tbsp yeast nutrient
lalvin 71B-1122 packet

It calls for 1 month in secondary and then racking into a tertiary for 2-3 months, then aging another 1-2 months bottled. I ran into some bumps though. I didn't mix the cider/sugar well enough and then pitched the yeast into 55-60 degree cider. I also rehydrated the yeast in 90 degree water and let it cool to 70 before pitching. There has been very little airlock activity and I'm mildly worried that the yeasts are competing/the pitched yeast is dead.

I also had to take one of the gallons and pitch yeast into it, as my refrigerator was not cold enough to cold crash and the gallon was beginning to bulge. I used Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast and just pitched in half the pack, some yeast nutrient and 1/8 tsp pectinase. It is bubbling merrily and has a great aroma. I like dry so I'm debating just letting it get down to 1.010-1.015 and then cold-crashing and bottling.

The environment is around 60-68 degrees depending upon if SWMBO decides to turn on the heat (living in a second floor flat).

I would like to start fermenting the last 1 gallon and have it be ready for consumption sooner than 4 months. I was debating going with the Nottingham as it seems to be tried and true but are there others that can handle a range of 55-70 degrees?

quakeman 10-12-2012 04:22 PM

hey that looks like a nice clear product in the end , but i would be concern about the contamination and oxidation of the cider from that moving around , i can tell from my experience ( its little but..., i almost threw out 20 L, that now i'll enjoy) it will alter, you have to taste it between racking , and have some Potassium metabisulphite product prepared just in case ( the worst case scenario it will go bad and then you will have to double the dosage) , unless you are allergic thats pertfectly fine , no smell no taste and it will cure, maintain and age well your cider .
- tomorrow i'll rack my second carboy ( dry ale yeast SAFBREW T-58) it fermented a week longer than the first carboy (samp yeast) , i will mix it with some Potassium metabisulphite let it sit for 1 day in other container and than into bottles. hoping to be rich in alcohol and drinkable.
- the two carboys ( 6 gallon each) fermented at about 64-67 temp.

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