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smythe012 08-07-2012 02:56 PM

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Needed to make revisions to the batches once I started adding all the ingredients:

Batch A:
I added 2 cans (24 oz) of Old Orchard Apple Juice concentrate instead of the 9 oz. in order to get the OG up to 1.054.

I ended up only adding 1 1/2 tsp of yeast nutrient. I read a few things that said adding too much can change the flavor of the cider, so I leaned on the side of paranoia.

Batch B:
*I heated up 1 lb of honey using a double boiler system (boil water in a pot, place glass bowl over top to heat honey). That way I only had to add a few tbsp of water to make it blend easily with the juice. OG was also 1.054.

Both 3 gallon batches are in a refrigerator in the basement, gurgling away at 68 degrees. The airlocks aren't going crazy or anything, but it all seems to be going okay.

I'm going to wait a week before I taste and test its SG.

So far so good (I think).

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