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greggdogg 10-25-2007 06:37 PM

Finings and carbonation (apfelwein)
If I were to use Super Kleer KC or something of that nature, would that precipiate out all of the yeast? I need enough viable yeast to bottle condition/carbonate in a couple of weeks. Would repitching at bottling/priming do the trick?

Evan! 10-25-2007 06:51 PM

it might do just that. Personally, I wouldn't bother fining it. I've made 2 batches and haven't fined it, and it comes out crystal clear. That montrachet yeast is really highly flocculating, and the apple juice itself is crystal clear to start with, so...mine comes out looking like white wine.

greggdogg 10-25-2007 07:32 PM

Ah, I should have mentioned:

1. I used apple cider, not apple juice.
2. I pitched champagne yeast, not montrachet.

Does that change anything?

Crazytwoknobs 10-25-2007 08:19 PM

You'll just have to wait longer, and it won't get as clear unless you add finings (partial memory from other threads).

My dad spells his name with three g's like you do... weird...

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