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Andy77 11-05-2007 09:09 PM

Emergency stopped fermentation
I racked my cider from the primary yesterday (after 3 weeks) and for some reason decided to feed it a bit, and added about 2 cups of corn sugar, unfortunately, the fermentation has not continued, can i re-pitch to get it going again, to get it to dryness before i prime and bottle? i'm afraid to bottle now because there is too much sugar in there, and the bottles might burst.

Yooper 11-05-2007 09:30 PM

It depends on a couple of things- what yeast you've already used and the og and gravity before you put more sugar in it, and what the gravity is now. With that information, we can calculate the ABV and the alcohol tolerance of the yeast, and give you some recommendations for a new yeast.

Also, the size of the batch is important. 2 cups in 5 gallons is not much- it 1 gallon it's a whole lot.

Brakeman_Brewing 11-05-2007 09:35 PM

because my very first cider is still clearing, and the fact that ive never tried adding corn sugar or priming sugar to any other vessel than my bottling bucket, im not sure what the reaction to adding this sugar would be.

if youre just going by the 'bubbles' on the airlock, not a hydrometer, this is what i would assume:

im no expert but my best guess is this- just because there is no activity doesnt mean it has stopped fermenting, it has probably slowed to a point where you wont see much activity, thats just an assumption, but the hydrometer can tell you that for sure. thats just my two cents.

some of the other more experienced cider and apfelwein brewers may have a better idea of what to tell you if you posted the exact Recipe and Process.


Andy77 11-05-2007 10:00 PM

it's 5 gallons, and the whole thing is very still zero pressure in the airlock . i used the wyeast cider yeast 4766. initial gravity was 1.049, before i added the sugar it was 1.000.

Yooper 11-06-2007 01:06 AM

Ok, so you were at 6.4% ABV, which any cider/ale/wine yeast can handle. Then, you removed it from the yeast (was it clear or cloudy?) and added 2 cups of dextrose which would increase the gravity maybe 10 points.

I think you've simply shocked the yeast a bit, but since you've removed it from the yeast cake it might take a while for it to get going again. I would check the sg today to see where you're at (my guess would be around 1.010 unless it is quietly fermenting) and then check it again in 5 days. It should finish up or at least drop a few more points by then.

If after another week, the sg is still above 1.008 or so, then I'd pitch some more yeast.

brett 11-06-2007 01:40 AM


Send it to me and I'll dispose of it... down my throat! ;)

Don't worry about it so much. If you have to repitch, big deal.

Yooper 11-06-2007 01:45 AM

Yeah, it'll still be good, don't worry. I doubt it's really stuck though, just a bit sluggish.

Andy77 11-06-2007 01:51 AM

yeah, thats what i figured, i'll see what happens in a few days. it did clarify quite a bit as it sat in the primary,

thanks for all the advice, everybody!

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